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Why PetBizInsurance.com?


And what you don't know can kill your business.

Chances are, if you aren't SURE you're covered, you ARE NOT covered.

A $3,500 Akita falls from the grooming table and breaks its back.

A boarded dog somehow breaks loose and attacks a breeder quality Ragdoll kitten.

An overnight fire destroys dozens of precious animals.

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Kennel Operator Woes
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Animal Bailee Coverage

What WILL you do? If you don't have dedicated pet services insurance, your business will be at risk. Most pet professionals aren't aware that their generic, one policy-fits-all business insurance doesn't cover pet injury or death. Most don't know that their clients' pets are the greatest risk to their business. Most can't be prepared for how groom can become doom in an instant.

We Know.

We are the nation's leader in protecting pet business owners and independent pet care professionals with pet services insurance.

We can save your business and we can even save you money on your businesses' insurance. Request a FREE quote or call 1.877.2PETBIZ (1.877.273.8249) and we will:

  • help determine your risk and current insurance shortcomings
  • help explain your options
  • help bring you simple AND SURPRISINGLY AFFORDABLE solutions
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