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Veterinarian Insurance

Though Dedicated to Animal Health, Your Profession Still Has Inherent Risks

You are a healer. Your chosen profession is to heal the creatures who (it is hoped) heel when commanded. Your customers bring their friends, companions, family members to you to keep them healthy and make them healthier. However, as with any health care provider, the nature of your service carries built-in risks. Some might be connected to the physical office and tools or instruments; others to human activity (or lack of it).

No matter the reason, things can happen to bring your veterinarian practice from the picture of health to the critical list faster than a greyhound.

Teeth put the bite on your business.

Some big dogs don't know their strength. They may not even be mean or aggressive or attackers to injure or kill another animal in your care. One moment, a small segment of time that will eventually seem to last forever - nearly frozen in extreme slow motion - will simultaneously end the life of someone's best friend and end the viability of your practice. One person's loving pet unknowingly takes away another person's loving pet. An expensive award to an expensive breed, with damages inflated by an expensive litigation lawyer, can put you in the jaws of a financial monster.

Are you covered? Are you SURE?

Regular commercial insurance from a general purpose insurer will not help you when it comes to pet related liability. Only a Veterinarian Package, created specifically for a practice such as your own, takes into account this aspect of risk. So only Veterinarian Liability Coverage, designed for you by PetBizInsurance.com, will protect you and fill the gaps so glaringly apparent in ordinary policies.

You can get the standard types of coverages along with the special, pet related coverages that are our specialty. All conveniently packaged to save you time, save you money, and get you back to the life of healing to which you've chosen to devote your life.

  • The most basic, fundamental aspect of your coverage would relate to the building itself, as well as the personal property related to it. This would be a Commercial Package and General Liability Insurance Coverage, policies expressly created for pet services professionals. If you own the building in which your veterinarian practice operates, you need to insure that building. If you do not, then you need to insure in order to compensate for damaged or destroyed property. Our Veterinarian Liability Coverage would then pay to repair or replace the building, including equipment, stock, and other related contents.

  • With the loss or extensive damage to your place of business, you are effectively out of business. Even if just a short amount of time, that period can be devastating to any small, independent business. If protracted, it can become crippling. Veterinarian Liability Coverage recognizes the need to cover business income and extra expenses, based on actual loss of earning for up to a full year from the incident.

  • Other basics include Business Liability (to protect your business against claims for injuries to your customers and others that arise from your products or operations); Workers Compensation; and Money and Securities.

  • SPECIAL COVERAGE: Customers' Pet coverage does what an ordinary business insurance policy will not. Our Professional Veterinarian Package protects makes you and your employees from claims brought against your business for the rendering or failure to render your professional services in the course of your operation - related to injuries to pets. That way, PetBizInsurance.com gives you a way to cover what makes your practice a unique category of business, taking care of the pets and what happens when they are in your care.

  • UNIQUE COVERAGE: The most extreme situations require the most specific and customized types of coverage. Of course, that is the death or the loss of pets. The Veterinarian Package deals with tragic circumstances and the harsh reality of resulting litigation and its sizeable monetary awards. Customers Pets "Animal Bailee" Coverage will pay for the direct loss of animals that a client leaves in your care. It even covers perils for which you are not legally liable.

Get the coverage that's made for your business instead of the coverage other insurers sell for generic, catch-all purposes. Let PetBizInsurance.com help protect you and your business with a Veterinarian Package Policy.

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