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Mobile Groomer Insurance

Unique Package Includes Coverage for Your Mobile Unit

Mobile Groomers are a different breed and have different needs. You're completely on your own - and require the kind of coverage to address that fact. Yet most insurance policies - including some types of pet service insurance policies - don't address the key needs of your specific business.

What's so different about a Mobile Groomer? You're MOBILE, of course!

Being mobile, and traveling to your work location, adds complexity to your insurance situation that's beyond standard insurers. For instance, did you know that the very advantage of mobility, which is the main definer of your business, is precisely what also puts you in financial risk?

A "ruff" ride to a dog grooming gig:

Let's say you're traveling to an engagement. You get on the highway and someone changes lanes recklessly and causes the driver in front of you to swerve. They lose control... you don't have time to stop... and there's a collision with plenty of damage. Thankfully, no one is hurt, but your van is out of commission until it can be fixed, plus some of your grooming equipment has suffered and must be replaced.

Are you covered? Are you SURE?

Your place of business is in the shop. Your mobility - meaning your ability to work - is severely limited or completely postponed. The sad truth is, most people like you WOULD NOT BE COVERED!

Crazy as it seems, there is some business coverage insurance of your business that only applies if the loss is at an INSURED PREMISES, not ON THE ROAD! But what about getting there and back? Road mobility is the whole basis of your business, but think about how much of your time you're on your own, not covered, and rolling alone with every mile, every turn, every intersection a risk to your livelihood.

We've created a customized package of Mobile Grooming Insurance:

  • In addition to offering comprehensive business coverage for your pet grooming business, we add specific coverage for your Mobile Grooming van or trailer.
  • Includes insuring your van or trailer conversion as well as the loss of use of your specific mobile unit (this is NOT USUALLY AVAILABLE in a standard package). This is only covered on premises.
  • Business Automobile Liability coverage protects you against claims that arise due to bodily injury and property damage caused by an accident with your insured vehicle. You're also covered for physical damage to the cab, chassis, and customization of your Mobile Grooming van or trailer.
  • UNIQUE COVERAGE: Finally! You CAN get coverage to include the customized portion of your van or trailer. The typical business auto insurance will only cover the "pre-conversion" value (and what good is that?); but because PetBizInsurance.com creates specific Mobile Groomer Insurance, we cover it all!
  • UNIQUE COVERAGE: Our Mobile Business and Loss of Income coverage protects you against lost profits resulting from the direct damage of your business vehicle. Makes sense, because it's your source of income, yet you won't normally find this type of Business Interruption included. With PetBizInsurance.com's Mobile Groomer Insurance, you can get Loss of Income Coverage, due to a collision or comprehensive automobile claim. (Ask us for details.). This is not a maintenance agreement and is different from the Business Income and Extra expense coverage of a standard business policy.
  • Our Mobile Groomer Insurance policy also covers animals, if the die or disappear, or damage to animals, which an auto policy and a standard business policy certainly would not.

Get the coverage that's made for your business instead of the coverage other insurers sell for generic, catch-all purposes. Let PetBizInsurance.com help protect you and your business with Mobile Groomer Insurance.

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