Animal Bailee Coverage

Gaps Big Enough for a Kennel of English Mastiffs to Run Through

Regular insurance companies for general commercial insurance needs don't understand your world. And they don't fully take care of your needs. They don't have to, because most of their customers are just fine with standard policies since they have standard needs.

What most businesses don't have, however, is the responsibility for pets.

You choose to care for animals, to serve the needs of those devoted to their special companions. That's a big responsibility. And one entirely unserved by standard policies. is different. is here solely to serve those who care for pets, with special, custom-designed pet services insurance featuring the all-important Animal Bailee Coverage.

If one animal hurts or kills another.if there's a tragedy through carelessness or even no fault of yours or your business, and it involves injury or worse to the pet, what will you do?

Are you covered? Are you SURE?

Regular insurance companies leave out the pets. And that's the part of your business that defines what you do; it's also a significant portion of your business risk. Without protection pertaining to hazards to the pets, you're not truly protected, are you? Those risks involving the pets represent the coverage gap with which you can suffer when you rely on standard policies with regular insurers. saw that huge gap and recognized the need to fill it with special coverages, created for your pet service business. Animal Bailee Coverage fills the gap and protects against the pet-related risks.

  • UNIQUE COVERAGE: Our pet business insurance deals directly with the tragic circumstances that can happen to pet services professionals and has been created to deal directly with the harsh reality of resulting litigation and its sizeable monetary awards. Customers Pets "Animal Bailee" Coverage will pay for the direct loss of animals that a client leaves in your care. It even covers perils for which you are not legally liable.

Get the coverage that's made for your business instead of the coverage other insurers sell for generic, catch-all purposes. Let help protect you and your business with Animal Bailee Coverage.

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