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We are the Leader in Pet Business Insurance

Welcome to the home of a special kind of insurance provider - one devoted entirely to the needs of those who care for pets. This is important, because only an insurance designed just for pet service professionals will fully cover your business.

PetBizInsurance.com is the nation's leading insurance for the pet business professional, and are experts in business property, casualty, and auto insurance designed specifically to protect pet professionals and the pet services market. Pet business insurance is our business.so yours can be safer. With most insurance plans, you are on your own. PetBizInsurance.com is made just for you - the pet care small business owner and service professional. A pet care business is a very specialized business most insurance companies know nothing about.

Even if the building and the vehicle are protected, your business and the pets could be neglected.

We created pet business insurance Packages because National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA) members were having problems with regular insurance companies covering any claim that involved damage or loss of an animal. This was back in 1986, so our experts have been committed to pet business insurance for over 20 years. In 1992, PetBizInsurance.com President David A. Thompson became co-owner of the P.L. Gibson-Governor Insurance Agency, Inc. David has been in the insurance business since 1976, with his career culminating in the establishment of The PL Gibson Insurance Agency, Inc. of Vienna, Ohio, the parent company of PetBizInsurance.com.

Protect the pets and protect your business.

You can't take chances. In today's litigious society, personal tragedy can turn into a legal nightmare very quickly. Pets are cuddly, but lawyers are definitely not. And odds are as close to 100% as can be that you would be ON YOUR OWN! Standard commercial liability covers accidents and fire and human injuries, but even though you're in the pet business, that type of coverage ignores liability related to the death or injury of the pets themselves. Ours does the complete job. PetBizInsurance.com has designed pet business liability insurance to cover what you need - not just what other, general businesses need.

Do yourself two important favors right now:

1. Ask yourself, "Are you protected? ARE YOU SURE?"

2. If you are not sure, request a FREE, no obligation quote from PetBizInsurance.com